GSM Fire Design Inc.


Fire Sprinkler Contractor Services

          Our services provide fire sprinkler contractors with their own personalized engineering department without the overhead of an in-house design team.  We are fully insured and have NICET Level I-IV personnel with a licensed Fire Protection Engineer on hand.  Once the contractor is awarded a project GSMFD will deliver full permit packages including hydraulic calculations, layout plans, and product submittals for the contractor to submit to the Authority Having Jurisdiction and if applicable Insurance Underwriters adhering fully to their requirements.  If the project involves coordination this will be accomplished by email, jobsite meetings, or web conferences with other subcontractors.  This will take place before submittal to the A.H.J. to ensure that the most accurate plans are submitted for review.  Our design is B.I.M. (Building Information Modeling) capable and utilizes the most current programming available on the market.  After successful coordination, submission, and survey of jobsite conditions the plans are prepared for installation.  The contractor will be furnished with material lists for fabrication and field installation plans.  Upon completion of the project record drawings and hydraulic calculations will be supplied for closeout.     


Construction Documents for Bidding Purposes

          If you are in need of fire protection construction documents or a technical submittal for a project to be sent out for bid/contract negotiation GSMFD will prepare the necessary plans to accommodate the bid set.  The drawings will incorporate a detailed layout of materials and system configuration along with industry standard material specifications stamped by a fire protection design professional.  Principles in charge of the project will provide any specifications to be attached to the plan set.   

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